New Release Information for January

○ICOT Choral Selection
“Ave Regina coelorum in E♭”
Composer: Ko Matsushita
Parts: SSA
Accompaniment: Piano
Language: Latin
Performance Duration: 3’30”
Pages: 16

The first piece is “Ave Regina coelorum in E♭” by Ko Matsushita.As the composer says in his comment on the product page, it is a simple but beautiful work filled with gentle and tender melody. This is a piece that should be chosen by all people who love female chorus.


○Ko Matsushita Choral Series
“Ave dulcissima Maria”
Composer:Matteo Magistrali
Parts: SATB
Accompaniment: a cappella
Language: Latin
Performance Duration: 3’00”
Pages: 8

The second piece is “Ave dulcissima Maria” by Matteo Magistrali.
The gentle harmonies and the dialogue of the voices are impressive, as is typical of his work.
Please take a look at the words written in the upper left corner of the first page of the score! (You can see a sample on the product page.) You will know why this song is full of love.

New Releases for October 2021 !

[from ICOT Choral Selection] For mixed chorus a cappella “Tanchame” Composer: Ko Matsushita Parts: SATB Accompaniment: A cappella Language: Japanese( Okinawan language) Performance Duration: 4’30” Pages: 20


Tanchame is a folk song from the Okinawan region. It is characterized by its Okinawan scale, rhythm, and body percussion. It’s sure to be fun to perform!

[from Ko Matsushita Choral Series] for mixed chorus a cappella “Jubilate!” Composer: Chris O’Hara Parts: SATB Accompaniment: A cappella Language: Latin Performance Duration: 3’10” Pages: 12


This piece won the 2nd prize at the 7th Japan International Choral Composition Competition 2021 ( You can watch the premiere performance on youtube from the website. Please check out the composer’s passion for this piece!

for SSAA chorus a cappella and soprano solo “Vox Clara” Composer: Ivo Antognini Parts: SSAA+ Soprano Solo Accompaniment: A cappella Language: Latin Performance Duration: 3’30” Pages: 12

Vox Clara

This is the fourth work in the Ko Matsushita Choral Series for the SSAA chorus. As the title “Vox Clara” (shining voice) shows, clear and glittering harmonies resonate throughout the piece.

All the pieces are amazing……! Edition ICOT publishes three pieces a month! Please see the preview of the scores on each page.

New Arrivals in August 2020

Three new arrivals published!

“Tomorrow, we will (Ashita-koso)” composed by Naoto Aizawa has been added into ICOT Choral Selection. We believe that you enjoy the joy of chorus fully. Francisco Carbonell in Spain received the 3rd prize in the Japan International Choral Composition Competition 2017 with “Corde Natus”. He has enhanced the score for this publication. “Hinageshino Hanabirano Yóni” written in Japanese was composed by Ko Matsushita for Mikrokosmos Chamber Chorus in France. Please watch its reference video.

We really appreciate that we could publish new scores for two months in a row. Thanks for your continued support of Edition ICOT!

Tomorrow, we will (Ashita-koso)
Corde Natus
Hinageshino Hanabirano Yóni

New Arrivals in July 2020

We are very happy to announce that three scores would be newly published by Edition ICOT as the second release since our first launch on June 2020!


Three arrivals are “HYMNUS” for women’s voices, composed by György Orbán in Hungary, “Ama Namen” for men’s voices, composed by John August Pamintuan and “Friends are an irreplaceable treasure” for children’s voices, composed by Ko Matsushita.


Although we’re still in unstable situation due to COVID-19, the environment to enjoy chorus seems to be back recently. We hope that you would enjoy our music!

Ama Namen
Friends are an irreplaceable treasure

Greeting for the publication of Edition ICOT

International Choral Organization of Tokyo (ICOT) has started the publishing business as our new challenge.


For a while, we publish chorus scores, limited only to pieces. Throughly speedy on-demand based publishing and digital publishing (download sales) are deployed.


We publish works which were composed by me before, but not published or limitedly published. Also we introduce not only my new pieces, but chorus works composed by excellent composers inside and outside of the country, energetically.


ICOT has actively worked for three main events to propose chorus music for Japan and worldwide. Now we focus on the publishing business too.We hope that we could contribute on the chorus world in the filed of publishing.


We really appreciate your support on our new brand of chorus score, Edition ICOT.