Yuka Yamashita

After graduating from the Department of Composition, Faculty of Music, Tokyo University of the Arts, completed the Graduate School of Music, Department of Composition, Tokyo University of the Arts. She studied composition under Atsutada Otaka and Hidehiko Hinohara.

In 2011, she premiered her original oratorio “Li Ling”, and in 2014, she won the 25th Asahi Composition Prize for her suite for mixed chorus  “Nemuri no Mori no Hanashi (The Story of Sleeping Forest)”. Her choral works, piano works, and wind ensemble works have been published.

She composed “Yuki(Snow)” for the 2nd Tokyo International Chorus Competition (Chamber Choir Category).

Her major choral works include the suite for mixed chorus “Watashitachiwa Hitoridewa Nai(We Are Not Alone),” “Hikarino Tameni(For Light),” “Furusatono Yoni(Home of My Soul),” “Tsubameno Uta(Song of Swallow),” “Yumeno Tsuzuki,” the unaccompanied mixed chorus collection “Ten songs – Elements of the world,” the suite for female chorus”Tsubameno Uta(Song of Swallow),” “Kazeno Gosenfu(The Staff of Breeze),” the suite for children’s/female chorus”Kimi ga suki,” the suite for male chorus”Sekaide ichiban Kodokuna Uta,” “Sabishi Uchu,””Arigatou no Hanataba” and “Amarcord” for mixed chorus.