Roberto Brisotto

Born in 1972 in Motta di Livenza (Italy), he graduated with a degree in Piano with honors and, later, in Organ and organ composition from the C. Pollini Conservatory in Padova. He graduated also in Choral Composition and choral conducting from the G. Tartini Conservatory in Trieste with honors and laud. He has an intense concert activity as pianist, organist and, mostly, as conductor, also performing on record, television and radio recordings. He has been a winner or awarded in important national and international competitions, especially as a composer and choir conductor. He has written choral, vocal and instrumental music, published (Ph Publisher, Edizioni Carrara, Sonitus, Asac…) recorded on CD and DVD, broadcast by radio stations (Rai Radio Tre, Radio Rai FVG, Radio Rai International, Radio Koper, Radio Rai SLO…) and television, frequently performed in Italy and abroad (USA, Thailand, South Korea, South Africa, Argentina, Switzerland, Germany, France, Portugal, Poland, Spain, Slovenia, Croatia, Hungary, Ireland, England, Holland, Finland, Austria), even in prestigious venues and occasions also by important choirs and musicians from Italy and abroad. Since 2017, after winning the national selection, he has been the new musical director and conductor of Cappella Civica di Trieste, historic musical institution of the San Giusto Cathedral of Trieste, founded in 1538, where he previously held the position of organist and conductor pro tempore. He also conducts the Ensemble InContrà, under his conduction winner of various prizes in national and international choral competitions. He has been invited to be part of juries of national and international competitions and collaborates with various cultural institutions and associations.