Composer: Roberto Brisotto

Words from composer

Epitaphium is a work for mixed choir and tubular bells ad libitum composed in 2017 for the International Choral Composition “Seghizzi” Contest. The lyrics, an epigram written by the Latin poet Marco Valerio Marziale, is a delicate and moving epitaph for a six-year-old girl, probably a slave; the composition is a tribute to the Syrian children killed in the bombings of April 2017. The atmosphere is sweetly sorrowful and melancholy, suspended as if out of time; the use of a modal language with archaic references accentuates these characteristics just as the possible use of the tubular bells suggests, even more, the ritualistic, almost prayerful tone.

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Composer:Roberto Brisotto
Accompaniment:tubular bells (ad lib.)
Performance Duration:4’40”