Composer: Yuka Yamashita


Words from composer:

The title of this piece is mysterious, like a magic spell, but the poem is also a little curious.
I found it interesting that it is not just a rearrangement of words but the finished text has a well thought out sound and rhythm, though it is a kind of word play.
I had a scene in my mind when composing. When “she” sings, the wind blows, the trees sway, the clouds flow… The world is moving at a dizzying pace. It is an image of the nature surrounding her responding through her body, and everyone feeling the joy of singing. (By the way, “she” is the female voice ensemble “Shachiko.” I composed a SSAA version of this piece in early 2019, commissioned by them. Six months later, I composed a SATB version for Ensemble Vine.) There are several differences from the SATB version, which has released on July. You can enjoy to compare the two.
I hope you will feel the joy of singing by singing this song.

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Composer: Yuka Yamashita
Lyricist: Ironim Ikuzanim
Parts: SSAA
Accompaniment: A cappella
Performance Duration: 3’15”
Pages: 12

●First Performance
The 12th Fukushima Vocal Ensemble Compeititon
at Fukushima City Mushic Hall
on March 29, 2019
●Commissioned and Premiered by