Composer: Ko Matsushita

Words from composer:

 The Okinawan region of Japan is a treasure trove of folk songs that have been sung and danced to this day, many of which are based on a unique scale (the pentatonic, a five-note scale in which the second and sixth notes of the major scale are removed) that is rare in the world.

 The continuous rhythm of the dotted notes indicates that this is a folk song of the maritime peoples, and people dance with the song in this piece.

 This piece is a choral composition based on a dance song from the Okinawa region that makes one’s heart sing. In addition to singing, this piece includes body percussion using hands and feet, so please enjoy the bright world of Okinawa with your whole body.

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Composer: Ko Matsushita
Parts: SATB
Accompaniment: A cappella
Language: Japanese(Okinawan language)
Performance Duration: 4’30”
Pages: 20