🌞🌪️🏝️New Release Information in August🏝️🌪️🌞

Three days from today, Karuizawa International Choral Festival🎶 will be held by our organization.


During the festival, 4 works will have their ✨world premiere✨, Congratulations🎉


✨Today’s Premiere✨

⚫︎Ko Matsushita Choral Series

“Fides, Spes, Amor, Amicitia”

Composer:John August Pamintuan

Lyricist:John August Pamintuan




Performance Duration:4’40”



Today, the SATB version of the piece that was premiered last October at the “Ko Matsushita and Universe —Exhibition for the composers of our time” concert.

This piece was originally written for TTBB Choir, Mr. Pamintuan arranged it for today’s concert.


This song shows the friendship (=Amicitia🤝) between Mr. Pamintuan, who wrote both the poem and the music, and Ko Matsushita.

You can listen to the TTBB version on YouTube. Please check it out before the premiere.

⚫︎Ko Matsushita Choral Series

“Every child has known God”

Composer: Ivo Antognini

Lyricist: Hafiz

Parts: SATB

Accompaniment: Piano

Language: English

Performance Duration: 3’40”

Pages: 12


This is also an arrangement of the original SSAA version of the piece.

The premiere will take place today✨.

The words of the Persian poet Hafiz and the warm music of Ms. Antognini,

the male voices will join in to deliver a richer harmony.

Please check it out before the premiere, too! 💁.

✨Premiere on 20th Aug✨

⚫︎Ko Matsushita Choral Series

“The Night was Wide”

Composer:Simone Campanini

Lyricist:Emily Dickinson


Accompaniment:A cappella


Performance Duration:3’00”



This is the work that won the 🥈2nd Prize🥈 at the 9th Japan International Choral Composition Competition. American poet Dickinson’s endless agony of loneliness is sung with music by Italian composer Simone Campanini.


⚫︎TICC NewSounds Lab.

“The Tyger”

Composer: Tatsuya Tanaka

Lyricist: William Blake

Parts: A Cappella

Language: English

Performance Duration: 2’50”

Pages: 12

And this one is! 🥳 the piece won the 🥇1st🥇 prize at the same competition.

This piece will be the set piece of the contemporary music category, at the next year’s Tokyo International Choir Competition. We hope that you all will listen to the first performance of this piece!👂👂


If you come to the Karuizawa International Choral Festival,

You can listen to the first performance 🥳.

Tickets are available here 🎫👇.

✅The Welcome Concert is in “Premium Concert Asama”

✅Prizewinning works concert is in “Special Program”


You can also enjoy it from home 🏠with our live streaming! 

Tickets are available here 🎫👇.


However, only the prize-winning works concert will be streamed 🆓free🆓 on YouTube LIVE.

We would be very happy if we could celebrate all the winners together: ☺️


Thank you for reading the above!