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  • ICOT Choral Selection

”Cantate Domino”

Composer: Enrico Miaroma

Parts: SSAA

Accompaniment: Piano

Language: Latin

Performance Duration: 4’30”


The first work is by Enrico Miaroma, a composer and very active Italian choral conductor.🇮🇹 You can listen to the performance on YouTube from the product page. The piece begins with passionate piano and is said to have been produced from trust between the commissioned choir, and the composer 🎵 Please visit our website.

  • Ko Matsushita Choral Selection

“Hodie Christus natus est”

Composer: Hideki Chihara

Parts: SATB

Accompaniment: a cappella

Language: Latin

Performance Duration: 3’30”



This piece was inspired by Chihara’s desire, as a Japanese composer, to create a motet using a Japanese melody. The melody of Sōranbushi, a famous Japanese folksong is used. The piece premiered in Japan last November and attracted a great deal of attention. 


For more information, please visit the Edition ICOT website 👇

You can also check out various performance recordings!