Have you ever heard the sound of the earth spinning?(SATB)

Composer:Ko Matsushita

Words from composer

This piece was written especially for a choir of students and young people. Several years have passed since its release, but for various reasons, the existence of this song has not been widely known. However, I was delighted to hear that Tsurukawa Daini Junior High School in Machida City, Tokyo, sang this song in a competition and won the first prize in the whole country.
 It is my great pleasure that the score of this piece is now being republished and will be available to many people in the future.
 The piece is available for both SATB and SSA choirs, so both mixed and female choirs can sing it.
 The vigorous, dynamic text is moving in keeping with the poem’s content; the lively, vibrant rhythms of the piece contrast with the beautiful melodies of the parts. I hope you will enjoy expressing this song with your whole body, feeling the song’s drama.

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Composer:Ko Matsushita
Lyricist:Minori Minazuki
Performance Duration:4’25”