Sicut cervus

Composer: Tomoaki Yokoyama


Words from composer:

In this piece, I tried expression the theme of the soul seeking faith and salvation in God in a narrative format. The beginning of the piece depicts a weak deer wandering around in search of a spring (the protagonist’s hardship). Starting at the 9th measure, the search for a fountain (God) is depicted, and the freshness of the spring, representing “hope”, is expressed from the 13th to 19th measures.

Although “A” is reproduced several times up to this point, it is not a simple repetition. It becomes a more aggressive musical expression as the desire for a fountain strengthens.

In “B”, a polyphonic technique is used to depict the uplift of the soul in search of God.

“C” is brilliant music that most highly praises God, and in the Meno mosso starting at measure 58 it is a scene where we feel “comfort” and “confidence” in God’s great love.

In “D”, the piece ends with hope and rest so as to gently watch over “the deer seeking a fountain” (a projection of one’s own self).

This piece had made it to the final selection of the Japan International Choral Composition Competition 2015.

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Composer: Tomoaki Yokoyama
Parts: SATB
Accompaniment: A cappella
Language: Latin
Performance duration: 3’30”
Pages: 12

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==Performance Information==
Edition ICOT Opening Ceremony Concert on Nov. 8th, 2020
Conductor: Ko Matsushita
Choir: The Metropolitan Chorus of Tokyo