You, Crying

Composer: Ko Matsushita


Words from composer:

Composed in the fall of 2021 for the Ehime University Choir and its premiere was at the choir’s 67th annual concert on December 18 of the same year.

Essentially, I had been asked to write a suite for the chorus. Mr. Morioka, the student conductor, was very passionate and enthusiastic about the choral singing, and I was really looking forward to composing the suite in order to respond to his passion as much as possible.

However, due to the spread of the Covid-19, the choir was unable to rehearse properly due to a notice from the university. So I guess most of the performances were canceled because of bad luck for the motivated Morioka-san and his friends. I really feel sorry for them.

Then, Morioka-san told me, “We don’t have time to practice the suite anymore. However, could you write one song for us? Of course, I accepted the proposal immediately.

“You, Crying”……That “you” is every college student who can no longer play the music they love at Covid-19 situation. At least, that’s how I imagined and composed this song.

As Mr. Tanikawa’s poem says;

“Sorrow is always everywhere / And one day it will surely melt into joy.”

Yes, this is a song to be sung with the thought that this sorrow will one day melt into joy.

This piece is dedicated not only to college students, but also to all choristers who are feeling frustrated during this Covid disaster.

I would like to thank the members of the Ehime University Choir and Morioka-san for requesting me to write this piece. With friendship and love.

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Composer: Ko Matsushita
Lyricist: Shuntaro Tanikawa
Parts: SATB
Accompaniment: A cappella
Language: Japanese
Performance duration: 4’10”
Pages: 12

[Premiere Performance]