Do you love vanilla ice cream?


Words from composer

When was the last time you fell in love?
Today, I found myself falling in love repeatedly. It was with the captivating actor on the screen, the elegant clothes at the department store, the moonlight that Debussy’s music painted, and the irresistibly delicious Dorayaki.
This short piece is from Suite for mixed Chorus and Piano, “Time for Sweets,” premiered by Choir Vivo (Conductor: Yoshiyuki Ueda) in 2017. I immediately fell in love with Minori Minazuki’s poem and wrote it all at once.
Strategem of love filled with allurement of the time relaxing only with adults. Please seduce your guests with an aura of ease, mobilizing your current loves, old loves, sweet sensations, and memories.
I look forward to hearing such a report like “How about like this, Mr. Yokoyama?,” over a cup of espresso.
I would like to sincerely thank the people at Edition ICOT for their cooperation in the publication.

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Composer:Tomoaki Yokoyama
Lyricist:Minori Minazuki
Performance Duration:4’10”