Composer:Javier Busto

Words of composer

In the times we are living, I conceive of Hope (Sometimes – Batzuetan), as something that comes and goes.
Sometimes Hope/Esperantza is difficult to find and, most of all, difficult to keep (this is what Hope is about).
Oftentimes Nature is the one that brings me to the starting point, the one that teaches me to believe and to have hope once again…
The one teaches me that not everything is over, but the cycle starts again and again.
The music adapts to the lyrics in a direct and easy to understand way. Going through the COVID-19 pandemic has inspired me to structure the work in several specific parts. The beginning antiphonal style (Women-Men), with its sad features, gives way to a
more rhythmic part that mirrors the energy of the people to overcome such an awful situation. The view from my doorway of the white flowers brings a transition towards an E Major mode, showing the transit from Winter to Summer, from Sadness to Hope
for a future full of blessings. The piece ends with a very rhythmic part, reaffirming the Hope for the future. The body percussion at the end shows the repenting of mankind for the harms caused by themselves.

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Composer: Javier Busto
Lyricist: Josune López Zubeldia
Parts: SATB
Accompaniment: A cappella
Language: Basque
Performance Dration: 5’50”
Pages: 12

【Performance Video】