Ave Regina caelorum

Composer: Manolo Da Rold


Words from composer:

Ave Regina caelorum is a bridge between past and present.

It is structured as a counterpoint on a cantus firmus obtained by increasing the musical values of the Gregorian melodic line, the voice with the cantus firmus is the bass, but often Gregorian fragments also appear in the other voices. The harmonic structure is contemporary with very modern harmonies, but above all with a very tense rhythmic structure.

My desire was to make a traditional compositional style current, widespread in Italy and Europe during the early Renaissance.

I try to create a festive suggestion, it is a greeting that the Christian gives to the Mother of God during the “Compline” that is the last prayer at the end of the liturgy of the hours.

The piece is dedicated to my dear Slovenian friend Ambrož Čopi and his magnificent choir.

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Composer: Manolo Da Rold
Parts: SATB
Accompaniment: A cappella
Language: Latin
Performance duration: 4’00”
Pages: 8