At Risshakuji(SATB)

Composer: Kikuko Maruo

Words from composer:

This piece was commissioned by “NORDICO ENSEMBLE” and was premiered at the 22nd Aichi Vocal Ensemble Contest held at Shirakawa Hall, Sumitomo Mitsui Marine in 2015. It was composed in the hope of creating a transparent, soft and gentle ‘sound space’ using Matsuo Basho’s haiku ‘Shizukesaya, iwa ni shimiiru, semi no koe’ as text. In this publication, I have added two systems written in letters at the beginning of the piece, which was not performed in the first performance. I would be happy if the choir could enjoy doing this part in various ways. The “Yamadera” temple where the snow is falling, the spring when the buds are budding and the living creatures start to move around with joy, the summer when the soft rain falls and the cicadas chirp. 

I wish that nature and peace on earth like these will be forever preserved.

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Composer: Kikuko Maruo
Parts: SATB
Accompaniment: A cappella
Language: Japanese
Performance Duration: 4’30”
Pages: 8