Arise my love, my beautiful one

Composer:Ambrož Čopi

Words from composer:

The time of the epidemic has stimulated a series of negative feelings in us. I regretted writing the piece in the light of the celebration of all the values ​​that we began to neglect at this time. In the desire to connect the world, the past with the present, man with man, in the awareness that we are surrounded by wonderful things, we just have to notice them and rejoice.
At the beginning, in the light of anticipation of a new day, as if from the morning dawn, the composition is introduced by a subtle bass solo. The sonorous colors of the accompanying voices introduce us to the time of Solomon. The past connects with the present.
Love is timeless. Male and female voices take turns providing the melody, the atmosphere rising in constant escalation. Describing the world around us, when winter is gone and everything is growing and blooming, encourages in us the awareness that everything can be renewed and encourages feelings of optimism in us. The culmination of the composition is in the inspired dance part, where the joy is intensified by the use of mixed time signatures, body percussion and soprano solo. The values ​​of peace, unconditional love are shown with the arrival of Turtle dove in the land. At the end, feelings return to an intimate atmosphere. The call of the beloved, the call of sincere love, let it arise, let it flare up and embrace us.
Happy celebration my dear friend Ko Matsushita.

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Composer: Ambrož Čopi
Parts: SATB
Accompaniment: A cappella
Language: English
Performance Duration: 4’10”
Pages: 16

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