Agnus Dei

Composer:Matteo Magistrali/h4>

Words from composer

In my view, the text of Agnus Dei contains all the sufferings and difficulties of human life, which know no differences of nationality, gender or age.
The piece, thanks to the restless piano accompaniment and the harsh sounds produced by the voices, in its first part, the pain that, at times, man has to face; however it flows, in a luminous and sonorous way, into the certainty of joy and peace. This is for me the greatest and most wonderful message of hope for every human being, beyond one’s faith: to always be able to follow the goal of peace, joy and serenity!
Four themes intertwine in the piece:
Faith in the Son of God as the Redeemer of men;
Hope in the kingdom of peace he promised;
the Love of God who sacrifices himself for humanity as a lamb, in the ultimate gift of his own life;
Friendship, represented through the inclusion in the composition of two musical fragments taken from Japanese songs, which first approach the music that is developing, then gradually reappear more and more intertwined with the plot of the piece:
as in life, the passing time unites and cements sincere friendship.

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Composer: Matteo Magistrali
Parts: SATB
Accompaniment: Piano
Language: Latin
Performance Duration: 5’20”
Pages: 16

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