Tomorrow, we will (Ashita-koso) (For TTBB Chorus)

Composer: Naoto Aizawa
Lyricist: Naoko Kudo


Words from composer:

This piece was composed as a set piece for the 4th Competition and Convention for University Chorus. This competition is unique from the sense such that newly composed set piece is announced before the performance at the stage. I chose words whose meaning is easy to understand, but the content is profound, so that its utterance has a beautiful sound. The rhythm is intended to be as simple as possible, and allow the listener to enjoy the harmony of consonants and vowels while savoring vertical harmony. The balance and coloration of the many additional notes used, and the anticipation, sense of adventure, and longing for the moment of separation from the inherent chords of the scale can be felt and communicated to the audience, so that all can share in the happiness of the piece.

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Composer: Naoto Aizawa
Lyricist: Naoko Kudo
Parts: TTBB
Accompaniment: A cappella
Language: Japanese
Performance duration: 1’45”
Pages: 8