Composer: Tomoaki Yokoyama

Notes from the composer:

“Joy,” a poem by Sara Teasdale, has an abundance of passion in every line. The love, landscape, universe, and ardent emotion described in her various words are expressed in the score as melody, harmony, and rhythm. In the first half of the song (up to bar 12), I hope you will express emotional feelings by emphasizing the musical flow, and in the second half (from bar 13), we hope you will sing with a precise rhythm and groove to express the lively feeling that seems to jump up at any moment. Overall, please clearly express musical transitions, such as triplet and sixteenth-note sections. Nothing would please the composer more than to hear the “Joy” of each group of singers.

Printed score and digital score are prepared. Please choose one below.


Composer:Tomoaki Yokoyama
Lyricist:Sara Teasdale
Accompaniment:a cappella
Performance Duration:2’10”