Amor è un[o] desio

Composer: Gabriele Saro
Lyricist: Jacopo da Lentini


Words from composer:

So, beauty, merely beauty. Your smile makes rainbows fade and your hands could hold all the love of this world. You gracefully dance in people’s eyes, everywhere you go. I come across your eyes and I’m defenseless.

Why run away, when these feelings are burning silences and lights up dark chambers?

I walk towards you; we are like magnets, too close to resist. You ask me to follow you: silk chains and I can’t escape. We fly away, we are like Petals. White petals which decided to face the world, together. We are lost in the aura, where everyone can see us. Pure white meadow, doomed to stain of humanity. We gently float in the air like hesitant lovers, who don’t know where they can’t stop. The harrowing sounds of the world make us forget that our place is the heavenly bed above us. We just can trust each other and the wind.

We start flying again: tomorrow will come. Twists and jumps on air, smashing into walls: but they can’t stop us. We just have to lose ourselves to our cuddles and hold each other tight. They are the wings of this poetry, a breathe that reminds us the first stolen glances. We fly farther, where the earth kiss the sky. Love is just a flight.

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Composer: Gabriele Saro
Lyricist: Jacopo da Lentini
Parts: SATB
Accompaniment: A cappella
Language: Italian
Performance Duration: 1’30”
Pages: 8