Composer: Tomoaki Yokoyama


Words from composer:

In this piece, I express the prayer, dynamism, and enthusiasm I felt in the words “Alleluia”. The introductory part is homophonic, and the solo parts following that appear in order of soprano ⇀ alto ⇀ bass, each singing a form of prayer or praise.

In “A”, the dynamic rhythmic form that is the basis of this song is presented.

In “B”, the male voice begins to sing a melody guided by the rhythm created by female voice (Blues components are adopted throughout the piece). Although Meno mosso is a short “connection,” the change of time and atmosphere needs to be expressed.

“C” is an advanced variation of “A”, where bass and soprano sing to each other as if conversing. Meno mosso has more movement and enthusiasm than the former one, but it gradually ties up and heads to “D” which is a reproduction of the introduction.

In “D”,the bass ⇀ tenor part solos sing melodies that move more freely.

In “E”, the song is brilliantly closed by an enthusiasm that seems to rise to heaven in a vortex of delight.

This piece had made it to the final selection of the Japan International Choral Composition Competition 2019.

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Composer: Tomoaki Yokoyama
Parts: SATB
Accompaniment: A cappella
Language: Latin
Performance duration: 2’40”
Pages: 12

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==Performance Information==
Edition ICOT Opening Ceremony Concert on Nov. 8th, 2020
Conductor: Ko Matsushita
Choir: The Metropolitan Chorus of Tokyo