Every child has known God

Composer:Ivo Antognini

Words from composer

Hafiz (or Hafez), born in Shiraz around 1315, was a Persian mystic poet whose poems are frequently used in Persian traditional music. I was enchanted by the simplicity and, at the same time, by the profoundness of this short lyric. The first, delicate theme (m. 1-13) is
repeated with some variations (m. 14-26), then a short bridge (m. 27-30) leads to the second poignant theme (m.31-38) where the words “Come Dance with Me” are repeated four times, creating the climax of the piece. A puzzling coda ends with a D flat major chord, giving a sense of satisfaction and peace.

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Composer: Ivo Antognini
Lyricist: Hafiz
Parts: SSA
Accompaniment: Piano
Language: English
Performance Duration: 3’40”
Pages: 12

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