Nativitas Mundi

In 2004, when I had the opportunity to perform with my choir in Estonia, during which we visited Urmas’s house-workplace. It was a shocking experience. Interested in astronomical observations since childhood, his workplace turned into a self-made planetarium. His upright piano used for composing was placed in the center of the room, not in the corner. When the lights in the room were turned off, the stars would appear all over the ceiling.
These stars were illuminated by countless luminous stickers put up by Urmas himself, and were a direct representation of his love for celestial bodies. Also, there were piano keyboards drawn on all the walls, and he explained to us that the keyboards with the
drawings on them were “infinite keyboards. ” This is a piece that beautifully expresses his view of the universe.
It is a hymn to the universe full of chaos, madness and mystery, the heartbeat of life form born there, and the God who created it all. This piece consists of a unique scale that gives a glimpse of the “planetary scale” he created and of the melodic harmonic progression is the true value of his work.In addition to this, the percussion plays an important role to express his universe. In particular, because this piece was written for me, it is characterized by the use of Japanese Taiko drums, and this instrument further enhances the mystique of this piece.
As of September 2022, Urmas was hospitalized
due to illness, so it was not possible for him to write a program note of this piece. I just pray for his speedy recovery. I would like to add that among his choral
works, there is an unknown masterpiece, “SAI SAI BUSHI KO MATSUSHITA VOX GAUDIOSA VIVALA MUSICA,” which was dedicated to my chorus group VOX GAUDIOSA.

Ko Matsushita

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Composer: Urmas Sisask
Lyricist: Jaan Tammsalu
Parts: SATB
Accompaniment: Percussion
Language: Latin
Performance Duration: 5’20”
Pages: 16